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Weekly Energy Brief: February 16, 2024
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Renewables Continue to Expand

The clean energy train keeps chugging! An S&P Global Commodity Insights report predicts massive additions of renewable energy in 2024, with wind and solar taking center stage. Onshore wind is expected to see the most significant boost, particularly in the Midcontinent and Texas regions. This clean energy wave could push coal further into the background, marking a substantial shift in the country's energy landscape (Source: S&P Global Commodity Insights).

Manufacturing Boom for Renewables

The clean energy revolution isn't just about generation; it's creating jobs too! The same report highlights a surge in U.S.-based solar, wind, and energy storage manufacturing facilities. Over 112 new or expanded facilities have been announced in the past 16 months, creating over 41,000 jobs nationwide. This boom strengthens the domestic supply chain and bolsters the transition to clean energy (Source: S&P Global Commodity Insights).

Cost Concerns Cloud the Horizon

While the future looks bright for renewables, rising costs pose a potential hurdle. A Deloitte report on the power and utilities industry outlook warns of upward pressure on customer bills. Factors like record-high capital expenditures for grid modernization, rising interest rates, and disaster recovery costs could all contribute to price increases. This highlights the need for innovative solutions to balance affordability with clean energy goals (Source: Deloitte Insights).

Decarbonization Bar Raised

Despite the cost concerns, the industry continues to raise the bar on decarbonization. The 2023 performance saw record-breaking solar power and energy storage deployments driven by landmark clean energy legislation. This momentum is expected to carry over into 2024, showcasing the industry's commitment to a cleaner future (Source: Deloitte Insights).

Grid Resilience in Focus

As extreme weather events become more frequent, the need for a resilient grid becomes paramount. While 2023 saw improvements in reliability and flexibility, the industry continues to invest in strengthening infrastructure and preparing for potential disruptions. This focus on resilience is crucial for ensuring reliable power delivery in the face of increasing climate challenges (Source: Deloitte Insights).