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WEZOM offers efficient and customized software solutions for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.


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Accelerate your Technology Roadmap with BairesDev vetted nearshore tech talent, with access to 4000+ timezone-aligned software engineers with experience in 100+ technologies. 


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Big Analytixs is an integrated data management and business analytics platform providing descriptive, diagnostic, advanced, and predictive insights to utility, oil and gas, and commodity trading organizations.


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Sabreez delivers systemwide energy information in a clean, reliable, and easy-to-use format. As markets switch to wind and solar, show people the Wind Number and Solar Boost to increase customer engagement. Switching devices “on” when energy is cleaner is a service that your customers will enjoy.


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MetRenew, a leading global renewable energy company, specializes in comprehensive project development services, EPC solutions, and consulting across all renewable energy sectors. Their expertise spans utility and commercial-scale projects in Solar, Wind, Hydropower, Green Hydrogen, Biomass, Green Ammonia, Municipal Solid Waste, Energy Storage Systems, and more.

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SmartFinds Marketing

SmartFind’s history in the advertising and marketing industries began in 1987; their experience with the internet dates back to 1994. This combined expertise provides them with a unique understanding of internet technology and the application of marketing and strategic processes.


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Saviant partners with instruments engineering & equipment manufacturing companies worldwide to design & deliver custom software that captures, manages & analyzes data from live machines & systems. In the process, they enable their customers to re-imagine their devices & machines, from just providing data-emitting hardware to providing Intelligence-as-a-service.


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Sprngy is a proven data engineering platform that streamlines curation, correlation, analysis and modeling predictions across core business capabilities.


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HData helps you access and analyze energy regulatory information instantly. Reduce the burden of regulatory work while enhancing the business value of energy data analysis.


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Renewable Energy
Thermal Energy Harvesting

Thermal Energy Harvesting has integrated Electric Energy Storage (EES) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) in a Hybrid approach to optimize energy efficiency and load leveling. This integration allows for significant improvement and stability in the operation of critical applications such as Hospitals, Data Centers, Schools, Cold Storage, Military, Manufacturing Plants, Crypto Currency Mining, and other critical thermal + electric demand-side management. This provides for 24/7 power production while saving money on overall energy costs.

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