At Vedeni Energy, we empower our clients to achieve unparalleled success in the regional power markets by providing top-notch business intelligence, strategic navigation, and robust network support, transforming their growth journey in the electric power industry. We believe that informed decision-making and strategic influence are the cornerstones of that success.
Trust Vedeni Energy as your partner for unparalleled achievements and exponential growth as we leverage our expertise, strategic guidance, and influential network to unlock your true potential.

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Our Value Proposition

We improve clients' overall access to business intelligence necessary for prudent decision-making by ensuring they stay informed and are fairly represented in regional markets through focused representation in stakeholder processes and support relationship-building activities with relevant stakeholder groups.
We provide our clients with practical guidance in understanding regional markets, assisting in strategy development to influence policy decisions, and providing resources to support advocacy efforts.
We assist resource developers in improving their profitability by providing effective solutions to streamline regional interconnections, provide timely updates on project progress, and assist in developing strategies to influence regional policies.
We work with clients to build and expand revenue streams by engaging in client business development activities as they enter the electric power industry. We help our clients identify appropriate market segments, build a solid business development strategy, and use our extensive network to help introduce the client's product to the marketplace.

Trust us as your partner

Trust us as your partner, guiding you towards outstanding achievements and exponential growth. Experience the difference and redefine your success with us!
Experience growth and success with us!

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Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles provide the framework within which we execute our client’s projects, each and every time.
Know the environment in which our clients operate
Know our clients and look out for their well-being
Use the full capabilities of our organization to meet the client's needs
Take ownership of the client's project, start to end
Work with our clients as a team
Keep our clients informed
Make sound and timely decisions with the client in mind
Continuously seek to increase our knowledge and improve our services
Develop a sense of ownership in our consultants and partners
Ensure that projects are understood, supervised, and accomplished

About our Managing Director

Patrick Brown is an accomplished executive and trusted advisor, bringing a broad array of knowledge from diverse roles such as financial management, strategic partnership development, operations oversight, leadership in human resources, technology incorporation, and business growth.

In his 25 years in the electric power industry, he has played a vital role in steering businesses through challenging situations by calling upon his expertise in integrating new and emerging technologies, implementation of "best practices," and C-Level relationship building to pinpoint breakdowns in processes and communication, identifying and implementing solutions that reverse downward trends and achieve profitable results.


As the Managing Director of Vedeni Energy, Patrick ensures that all projects the organization accepts receive the focus and resources necessary to meet or exceed client expectations every time.