NOTE: To protect client confidentiality under executed Non-Disclosure Agreements, our case studies do not include the names of specific clients or products.
About the Client

The client is a burgeoning mid-size solar power developer who has carved out a substantial niche within the residential and commercial markets. Known for their innovative approach and dedication to sustainable energy, they have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality solar solutions to smaller-scale projects.

With an eye toward growth and diversification, the client was considering a strategic expansion into large, utility-scale solar projects. They sought to understand whether such a move would be advantageous and engaged Vedeni Energy to critically assess this expansion's viability and potential benefits within the competitive landscape of the U.S. wholesale markets.
Solution Provided

Vedeni Energy, LLC embarked on an extensive analysis to inform the client's strategic decision:

  • Market Analysis: Our team conducted a deep dive into the various regional wholesale markets across the United States, assessing key factors such as market size, competition, entry barriers, and growth potential.
  • Strategic Evaluation: We evaluated the client's financial positioning, resource capabilities, and the scale of capital investment required for entering the utility-scale market.
  • Alternative Pathways: Given the insights from our analysis, we explored other growth avenues that aligned with the client's capabilities and market conditions.

The comprehensive analysis led to a strategic recommendation against the client's entry into the wholesale markets, citing the intense competition from more prominent developers and the significant capital risks involved. Vedeni Energy advised the client to pivot towards the burgeoning 'community solar' sector. This mid-market strategy targeted rural cooperatives and small municipalities—a move that promised quicker commercial operation timelines and required a smaller upfront capital investment, matching the client's financial bandwidth.


Following our counsel, the client successfully reoriented their expansion strategy and commenced several community solar projects. This shift aligned with their existing operational strengths and opened up new, sustainable revenue streams. It enabled them to maintain their competitive edge while responsibly scaling their operations, safeguarding their market position and financial health.